adhd gift ideas

ADHD Gift Ideas

noise cancelling headphones

Noise cancelling heaphones provide a controlled auditory environment, minimizing distractions and promoting focus. The ability to block out background noise helps concentrate on tasks, also reduces sensory overload. 😊

Sony has AMAZING noise cancelling heaphones. I have Sony WH-1000XM3 (if you’d like the newest version it’s Sony WH-1000XM5).

adhd noise cancelling headphones

Supplies for a hobby

Getting supplies for a current interest, hyperfocus or hobby is always a win! Just make sure that they’re still interested in that thing. 😄 Ask your ADHD’er what they’re currently interested in and what could help them explore it further.

Meal kit subscription

Having pre-planned and delivered meals eliminates the need for extensive meal preparation and decision-making, reducing potential stress and overwhelm. It also provides a structured approach to nutrition, ensuring that the ADHD’er receives regular, balanced meals without the added burden of planning and grocery shopping. 😊

Subititle 4

ohhh I’d actually love this one myself (on one condition that I still know where my things are 😅). A cleaning service not only alleviates the burden of maintaining a tidy home but also reduces the mental load associated with cleaning tasks and helps create a comfortable living space.

A workout class

Exercise has been shown to have numerous benefits for ADHD’ers, including improved focus, reduced impulsivity, and enhanced mood. A workout class provides a scheduled and guided physical activity, making it easier for someone with ADHD to incorporate regular exercise into their routine. Additionally, the social aspect of a class can be a great boost for their mental health. 😊


ADHD coaching can be a great gift too! 😉

Reach out here. 💕

ADHD coaching can be instrumental in helping ADHD’ers with various challenges:

  • Goal setting
  • Accountability
  • Understanding strengths and values
  • Building structures
  • Self-awareness
  • Skill building
  • Stress management


A workbook that helps you explore your ADHD symptoms and design a life that works for your brain. 😊

✨ History of ADHD
✨ Three Types of ADHD
✨ Recognising your Strengths
✨ ADHD Limiting Beliefs
✨ Explaining ADHD to Others
✨ Advocating for your ADHD needs
✨ Life Design: ADHD Edition
✨ ADHD & Self-care

Check it out here. 

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