adhd and food

ADHD & Food

A magic pill

ADHD impacts many areas of life. Many might be surprised that it also can affect our eating habits. 😳

Sometimes I wish we’ve had a magic pill that could meet all our nutrition needs. As not eating enough (or eating things that are not right) can impact so much! Even make ADHD symptoms worse. 😩

adhd and nutrients

forgetting to eat

Many of us get so hyperfocused or carried away with the day and it’s never ending demands, that actually sustaining ourselves with nutritious meals might be at the bottom of the priority list. Certain medications used to manage ADHD symptoms may also affect appetite or mealtime routines, contributing to forgetfulness about eating.

🧠  Have healthy snacks easily accessible. My favourite: nuts, protein bars, yoghurt. 

Low motivation

Preparing food involves multiple steps that can be difficult for those with ADHD: deciding what to eat, buying groceries, cleaning the kitchen, following the steps of the recipe and then actually finding time to sit down and eat without distractions. This process of cooking can become overwhelming real quick. 🤯

🧠 Make cooking as simple as you can. This can involve having healthy ready frozen meals or recipes that involve few steps. Make these easily accessible.

ADHD decision overwhelm

decision overwhelm

Deciding what to eat can be a surprising challenge. Many of us crave stimulation, so when all dishes seem bland – it can feel overwhelming due to the understimulation.

🧠  When everything seems bland, experiment with stronger flavours (like spicy food) or try something new that you’ve never had before. Also, make sure to drink enough water and move around (for a bit of dopamine). 

stim eating

Stim eating can cause frequent snacking. This is part of stimulation seeking that we’ve discussed. Food can also become a coping strategy for strong emotions. Many of us reach for snacks when we feel bored or overwhelmed. This can also get in the way of having consistent meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) or making healthy choices.

🧠  When experiencing strong emotions – pause. Journalling or square breathing can be a great tool to regulate the nervous system and process emotions.

ADHD & Overwhelm workbook

It’s important to recognize the signs of overwhelm and take proactive steps to manage stress, prioritise self-care, and seek support when needed.

You can also learn more about ADHD & overwhelm in this workbook.

coaching can help!

ADHD coaching can help when it comes to setting up strategies, routines and new habits. 😊 Either that’s drinking more water, taking your vitamins consistently or doing meal prep… Reach out here. 💕

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