Why Persistence matters more to ADHD than Consistency

consistency doesn't work

Are you tired of trying to be consistent in everything you do, only to feel like a failure when you inevitably slip up? 😩

As someone with ADHD, it’s no wonder that consistency feels like an impossible feat. Because it is!

What if I told you that doing the same things consistently over and over again is not the only way to reach your goals… 👀 

What is consistency?

Consistency is all about being regular and unchanging in one’s performance, doing things in the same way, at a regular time.

As an ADHD’er, you may have noticed that this doesn’t come naturally to you. However, the belief in consistency is SO STRONG in our hustle culture, that you may still find yourself striving for it, only to feel disappointed when it doesn’t work out.

Pay attention to your needs

It’s okay to be inconsistent and do things differently. As long as you’re still choosing to go towards your goal, you’re making progress. And this progress might look different every day. Instead of beating yourself up, show yourself compassion. 💖 

What is persistency?

Persistency is not quitting when facing obstacles and finding ways around them. Instead of forcing yourself to have interest or energy for something, be curious about what’s actually going on here and how you can adapt to it. 

For example:

Consistency: going to the gym every day and feeling like a failure when I skip a day. Feeling guilty, and losing this goal all together.

Persistency: striving to be active and move my body in the way that feels good to me that day based on my energy levels and schedule.

be curious

So, the next time you face an obstacle, ask yourself:

  • What’s the issue here?
  • What do I need?
  • How can I bring novelty and fun to this task?
  • Why does this goal matter to me?
  • How can I do this task in a different way?
  • What’s the smallest step I can take right now?


Asking yourself these questions is important, as it helps to reframe your thinking and find a way to move forward. 😊

Be compassionate

Most importantly, be gentle with yourself when you’re not able to be consistent. Remember that persistency is the key to success, especially when you have ADHD. So don’t give up on yourself.

Find unique ways that work for you and don’t be scared to change things up when old routines and tools no longer work! You’ve got this. 💪 

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