Why is ADHD awareness important

Why Do We Need ADHD Awareness?

Guilt and shame

Many ADHD’ers feel intense guilt and shame over their symptoms. Growing up with this condition can be difficult. Many children with ADHD grow up hearing more negative comments than those without the condition. This negative feedback can become internalized and turn into guilt and shame. Many believe that they should be able to control their ADHD struggles just by sheer will.

Many adhd'ers feel intense guilt and shame over their symptoms
ADHD is still seen as a personality flaw

ADHD is not a personal flaw

Many people are not aware of ADHD and its challenges. Symptoms like trouble regulating attention, forgetfulness, or disorganization can look like personal flaws. For example, someone who struggles to keep their house clean might be labeled as lazy. A person with ADHD who struggles to finish overwhelming or tedious tasks might be labeled as the one who doesn’t care. The truth is, our ADHD struggles have little to do with care or laziness and more to do with our executive function struggles.

The lack of accommodations

Many ADHD’ers are told to “just try harder” instead of given proper accommodations. It can be extremely harmful. Not giving a person with ADHD reasonable accommodations can significantly affect work performance, stress levels, and the individual’s wellbeing. Accommodations don’t give someone with ADHD an advantage; they level the playing field.

Many adhd'ers are told to just try harder instead of given accommodations
ADHD is often misdiagnosed in girls, women, afab

Misdiagnosis in girls/women/AFAB

ADHD can often mimic anxiety or depression. Untreated ADHD can also make these conditions develop. It’s essential to recognize the main issue (in this case, ADHD) to treat these comorbid conditions. I know many people, including myself, who went through depression or anxiety treatment to find ADHD hiding behind it.

ADHD is overwhelming, exhausting & stressful

ADHD can be tough on your mental health. It’s important to give yourself self-compassion and understanding. Develop strategies that help you and work together with your brain rather than working against it. Many neurotypical strategies and advice might not work for you, and that’s fine. It’s important to be aware of ADHD and its struggles to be able to thrive with it. 

Because ADHD is overwhelming, exhausting and stressful it can feel lonely without support
Some still believe that ADHD is not real or that it only affects children

It doesn't affect just children

There’s an old belief that only children can have ADHD, and adults simply grow out of it. However, this is far from the truth. Some children can display fewer ADHD symptoms when they become adults because they’ve been taught coping strategies and received proper accommodations to overcome their challenges. However, many adults still struggle with the condition or only get diagnosed in their 20s, 30s, or even 60s.

It's not a case of bad parenting

Repeat after me: “the lack of structure, diet, or discipline does not cause ADHD.” Many parents get judged for their parenting skills or receive unwanted advice, which might be hurtful or frustrating. Parenting has nothing to do with the existence of ADHD.

Some view symptoms of ADHD as a case of bad parenting
ADHD resources and the community can make such a positive impact

Resources and community can make a positive impact

ADHD can feel so lonely sometimes. Finding a group of people who relate to you can do wonders! We can learn from each other, support and celebrate each other, and share helpful resources. Knowing what causes your struggles is an incredible opportunity to find not only the answers but also your community.

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