PMDD & ADHD Connection

People with periods and ADHD are more vulnerable to hormone-related mood disorders such as PMDD. It’s speculated that both conditions affect the same area of the brain.

What Is PMDD?

It is believed that women with ADHD are more sensitive to estrogen levels. Thus when they normally drop at the end of a cycle, many experience not only worsened ADHD symptoms but also intense mood and physical symptoms that represent PMDD.

PMDD Symptoms

When experiencing PMDD, extreme exhaustion and fatigue can make it difficult to carry on with daily activities. Many also experience an intense shift in mood, increased anxiety, and depressive episodes. It might be much easier to feel rejected, irritable and sensitive. The mood usually gets worse the closer the period is.

More PMDD Symptoms

PMDD is not limited just to emotional symptoms. It also involves physical symptoms like migraines, joint pain, restless legs syndrome, painful breasts, cramps, and heavy bloating. Not very fun! And, of course, it can distort self-image because these changes are so sudden from the usual look and feel.

The Joys Of Luteal Phase

These PMDD symptoms start during the luteal phase, which lasts individually depending on each person’s cycle. It usually starts ten days before the period is due, progressively getting more severe the closer the period is. Then it fades away during the period, just like a bad dream. It can be confusing to experience these sudden moods and physical changes every month.

Depressive Disorder

Even though PMDD is considered a hormonal disorder, it is classified as a depressive condition due to its effect on mood. It is also a chronic condition. To get a PMDD diagnosis, it’s essential to track your symptoms for at least two months to see if the symptoms are consistent with your cycle.

PMDD Struggles

Understandably due to how destructive some symptoms might be, PMDD can make it extremely hard to focus on school, work, and carry on with daily responsibilities. PMDD (especially during the last few days) can put many into a “survival mode” where the only thing that matters is surviving the bad episode. Even though you might feel guilty, please remember that your suffering is real, and you deserve care and compassion. It’s okay to take a sick day and go easy with your daily routines. No matter what your thoughts currently tell you, please know you’re enough, and you matter!

Useful Links

Please check out these links for support. You’re not alone! Knowing that other people are dealing with the same condition can help you feel understood. You’re not crazy. It’s just your PMDD! Stay strong. This too shall pass.

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