ADHD and romance

Navigating ADHD relationships


ADHD’ers may enjoy the novelty and stimulation of new experiences, and this might include relationships as well. The early stages of a relationship can be particularly exciting, with new activities, experiences, and emotions to navigate. 🥰

romantic relationships can feel exciting at the start
hyperfocusing on romantic relationships with adhd


However, hyperfocusing is also a common trait of ADHD and can show up in relationships too. This means we might get lost in our partner’s eyes, and forget to do important things, like eat or pay bills. Oopsie! 🤪 Hyperfocus might be an intense experience for  us, and set unrealistic expectations for the person we’re dating.


As the relationship progresses, we may experience a drop in dopamine levels, causing us to feel bored and understimulated. This can lead to disagreements and even questioning whether we’re in the right relationship. Don’t worry, though! Every couple goes through their ups and downs…


Relationships are like a game of Jenga – sometimes, you gotta take a few blocks out to make it work, but as long as both of you are working together to keep it standing, you’ll be just fine. And if you happen to have ADHD, don’t go blaming yourself for every little hiccup. It takes two to tango, or so they say, and teamwork is the key ingredient to a happy and healthy relationship. So put on your thinking caps, roll up your sleeves, and get to work on building the best darn relationship this world has ever seen! 😊


Those with ADHD tend to have an increased need for stimulation and may find it challenging to sit still for long periods. Since we have ants in our pants, we love to engage in activities that keep us moving. So, instead of a movie night, why not go on a hike or have a dance party? This way, we can bond while staying focused, present, and alert. 😎

try new things together with your ADHD partner


ADHD’ers tend to have a high level of curiosity and a need for novelty. This can make us more likely to seek out and enjoy new experiences, including trying new things. So, let’s go on adventures together, try new foods, learn new skills, and see what the world has to offer. Routine is not for us! We want to explore and experience everything, and we’d love it if you came along for the ride! 🚀


ADHD’ers tend to be highly motivated by challenges and thrive in situations that require problem-solving, and creativity. We find it really engaging! So, let’s compete in silly games, solve mysteries, and encourage each other to reach our goals. Go team! 🏆


Communication is key to any relationship, but especially with us ADHD’ers. We are constantly discovering new hobbies and interests, and even the smallest things can influence us to change our lives. So, please be curious and ask us questions, even if it’s in a playful game form. And, of course, we want to learn about you too! We’re constantly evolving, changing and growing, and it’s fun to keep rediscovering each other. 😊

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