ADHD and finances

How to manage your finances as an ADHD’er

finances = overwhelming 😭

Finances can be a tricky subject for many ADHD’ers and managing money can often be an overwhelming and emotionally driven task. 

managing money is an overwhelming experience for ADHD'ers


ADHD’ers may struggle with the temptation of sales and discounts a little more than most. It’s not that we’re greedy, it’s just that our brains love an instant reward – we’ve got to take our excitement where we can get it! 🤩

What to do?

When you’re feeling the urge to make an impulsive purchase, try telling yourself this little mantra: “If I really need this, I’ll find a way to get it another day.” and walk away! 🏃‍♀️ Trust me, by tomorrow that shiny object will be a distant memory.


We all know how exciting it is to discover a new hobby or interest! But let’s be real, our wallets can’t always keep up with our passions. I mean, who hasn’t impulsively bought a bunch of supplies for a new hobby, only to lose interest a month later?

What to do?

That’s why I’ve started asking myself a new question before diving headfirst into a new hobby: what’s the bare minimum I need to get started? Instead of dropping a fortune on a piano, I’d try taking lessons for a month to see if I really enjoy playing. And instead of buying a fancy set of cake decorating tools, I’d start with the basics to see if baking is really my thing. Who knows, maybe this approach will save us some cash and help us find our true passions! 😊

how ADHD hyperfixations can cause impulsive spending


Here’s a fun fact (not so fun) – us ADHD’ers often have a poor memory. How is one meant to remember that the bill I’ve just paid (last month) is now due again?! Can a person just get a break…? 😁 Honestly, managing bills and other monetary commitments can be difficult.

What to do?

That’s why it can be beneficial to set up automatic payments, track all the bill payments in one place (I do it manually on Notion), or set up separate pots in your account where you can transfer a certain amount of money for bills & taxes as soon as you get paid.


Oh we absolutely love short-term rewards! 🤓 I mean, who wouldn’t want to treat themselves to a shopping spree or a spontaneous holiday? But let’s face it, sometimes we need to think long-term too, and that can be a bit of a challenge for our ADHD brains.

What to do?

That’s why it’s important to make the saving process fun and visual! Get creative and create a vision board of your goal, whether it’s a down payment for a new car or a dream vacation. You can even make a representation of your savings, like a mason jar filled with confetti to represent how close you are to your goal. And don’t forget to practice visualization – imagine how amazing your life will be when you finally reach that goal! 🤩

motivation and ADHD when it comes to saving


We all know that retail therapy can be a tempting coping strategy when we’re dealing with strong emotions. I mean, who doesn’t love a good shopping spree? But let’s face it, in the long run, it’s not the most effective way to deal with our feelings. Plus, let’s not forget the guilt and shame spiral that can come along with overspending – that’s not exactly the “feel-good” outcome we were hoping for.

What to do?

That’s why many of us have found that other outlets, like journaling, therapy, or even getting our bodies moving, can be more helpful in the long run when it comes to processing our emotions. 😤


We can be very optimistic when spending money. Especially when we don’t see the actual representation of money going in and out. That optimism can quickly turn into a financial disaster if we’re not careful.

What to do?

That’s why it’s important to make money habits visible, so our ADHD brains can actually see how much we’re spending & have left. Try using apps like Monzo to automatically track your spending and even set aside money in separate “pots” for bills & savings. It takes the guesswork out of finances and helps make better spending decisions.

risk taking ADHD & finances


To learn more about how ADHD might affect your finances, check out this workbook. It contains many worksheets for self-awareness as well as practical tools to manage finances (tailored specifically for ADHD brains). 😊🧠 

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