ADHD distractions

How to manage ADHD distractions

having adhd is distracting

Life is so distracting sometimes!! 😩😱 Distractions can be especially difficult to manage for those with ADHD.

Firstly, because they can bring up feelings of intense frustration, and secondly because when we follow the distraction – we lose the task that we were intending to do. However, it’s possible to use some tools to help ourselves! The first step is to become aware of what’s most distracting to you and adapt to fit your ADHD needs. 🧠 


Ahhh noise can be so distracting! Noise-canceling headphones are a magnificent invention for this exact reason! You can also try using brown noise, or turn on your favourite podcast if more stimulation is needed.


Seeing different notifications pop up can be distracting. Like I’ve just wanted to quickly google something, and now I’m stuck on a one-hour-long tik tok scroll. 😳 That’s why it might be a good idea to remove notifications, so you wouldn’t get bombarded every time you look at your phone; be more intentional with the information and media you want to consume; face your true feelings & ask yourself “why am I reaching for this distraction right now?”


Choosing the right environment is important for focus! Find a space that feels calming, or stimulating enough. It’s okay to have different needs every day. Some days working on the sofa might feel more productive, other times, going out into the coffee shop or library helps to be more focused. Ask yourself “how can I create the environment that fits my needs right now?”

internal distractions

Interestingly enough, we also have our internal distractions going on all the time. It can be the restless feeling in our legs or inner chaotic chatter. It can be a good idea to try mindfulness practices like meditation or yoga, engage in exercise, keep a journal to help manage racing thoughts and emotions, or try breathwork.

physical discomfort

Talking about restless legs…Take breaks to stretch or move around, put on comfy clothes (notice what kind of clothing causes you issues and avoid it! Yes, even though it looks trendy 😁); have a filled water bottle and a protein snack easily accessible.


Boredom & lack of stimulation or motivation can also be distracting. Try breaking the tasks down into smaller, more manageable chunks, set achievable goals, and make this whole process more rewarding and fun! What would that look like for you? 😊💕


Distractions can be overwhelming. However, there are tools that can help! 😊 We talk more about it in this workbook.

coaching can help too!

Coaching can be a great help! 😊 Coaches support goal setting and accountability, fostering a more reliable and predictable environment. This collaborative effort can strengthen self-understanding, reduce distractions while working with your ADHD brain, and promote self-care, ultimately improving the overall well-being.

You can book your sessionhere. 😊

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