a bored ADHD'ers survival guide

Bored ADHD’er Survival Guide

some ideas

1. Spring cleaning – there’s nothing better than deciding impulsively to clean up your space, and then living between boxes and random bags full of donation clothes for the next few months. I call it “spring cleaning aesthetic”.

2. Questioning your existence is also a fun activity. However, thread with caution!!! If it gets too deep, this might lead to changing up your whole life within a day, impulsive purchases, such as plane tickets for a trip around the world and impromptu career changes. 😄

3. Talking about career changes, there’s nothing more exciting than starting a new business. The research stage is delightful! I’ll happily take on the identity of an entrepreneur with 293 businesses. 🤓

more ideas

4. Scrolling all day – a low intensity activity. You and the couch can become one & it’s quite comfy. However, this eventually can become a bit overstimulating. 😵‍💫

5. Reaching out to an ex – if you want some chaotic drama in your life, this is the way to go. Potential consequences: broken heart, rejection sensitivity, getting back on an emotional rollercoaster. 💔

6. Taking on a new hobby – there’s never been a better time to take on a new endeavor, than right now. You have my blessing to go for that skydiving license or get that yarn for your new knitting adventure. ✌️ 

even more ideas

7. Spending 3 hours at the gym – okay, this is actually a really good one. 😇 Exercise helps ADHD brains to boost all the ✨good chemicals✨.

8. Becoming a pro at a new skill – it’s that time of the year, when you can make everyone a vase for Christmas. 🎅  This is a risky activity though, you might end up with half a vase and a pile of clay that will stay in your cupboard for years to come.

9. Planning a new life in precise detail – I like this one. Making vision boards is my favourite hobby. 😄 To be honest, this can be quite cool – it can allow you to gain inspiration, create new goals and re-align with your values.

aaaand final ideas

10. Starting an argument – sometimes we argue because we simply need that boost of dopamine. 😓 Please, don’t do it. Better go out for a run (it’s like running from a tiger in the caveman days – does the job).

11. Filling up my social calendar – fun, exciting, helps to keep up with connections and friendships. Downside: can be exhausting if you accidentally overbook yourself (aaand usually that’s what happens). Maybe set a limit? 💁‍♀️

12. Binge watching reality tv. Some recommendations: RHOB, Love is Blind, The Circle, Selling Sunset…

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